Authors Audiobook Quickstart Bootcamp

Turn your book into an Audiobook in 90 days or less 

Authors Audiobook QuickStart BootCamp

Get an Audiobook Done in 90 Days on a Limited Budget

How would you like to create a whole new revenue stream, from a book you've already completed!!


Do you want to create an audiobook, and get your book in the hands of a whole new market?   Do you want to unlock a whole new revenue stream that brings a whole new set of consumers to you on a regular basis? Do you get overwhelmed thinking: How do I even get started?  How much time will it take? What are all the steps to create it and how would I distribute it? Where do I find a credible reputable person to record it? Or if I want to narrate it myself, where do I find a place to record it.  And then, how do I get it listed and available to audiobook listeners??

Author’s Audiobook QuickStart is the most comprehensive program out there to walk you step-by-step from the dream to the reality.  

More than just a how-to program, this is an interactive, hands-on implementation workshop, we walk you through the process to get your audiobook produced and published!​

What they're Saying...

"Take this class if you are serious about making audiobooks." - Nelson C

"Kimberly and Drew are so fun to listen to and learn from.  They work together really well and make the class fun.  They share their experience and knowledge.  I learned a lot!"  David S

"Just Do It!  I had so much fun!"  Jessica R

We'll talk about:

  • How do you find narrators? 

  • How do you choose which voice is best for your book?  

  • How do you check production quality?  

  • What do mixing and mastering mean?  

  • How do you get your new audiobook produced?  

  • How do you get it on Amazon and Audible and make it available listeners where audiobook listeners buy their audiobooks?  

  • And what are the marketing techniques for this whole new market!