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Just Do It For me...


Get your book made into an Audiobook

and available on Amazon, iTunes and Audible in 90 days or less.  


We get it.  You don’t want to leave money on the table by ignoring the audio rights to your book.  On the other hand, it seems like a lot of work and a lot of follow up and a whole new marketing challenge, too.  And you want to get back to writing the sequel!


Want to collect revenues without doing the work?  On a budget… and in 90 days or less?


On our Just Do It For Me program, as your producer and promoters, invested in your success, I'm Hearing Stories will:

  • Register your book with iTunes, Audible and Amazon for audiobook production and release.

  • Solicit Auditions from Narrators.

  • Screen potential narrators for quality.

  • Present a variety of possible narrators for you to select from.

  • Package includes voiceover work by a professional narrator editing/mastering unless Self-Narating

  • Keep you up to date weekly on your audiobook's progress while it is being produced.

  • Provide you with monthly reports

  • ...... And send you royalty checks when your audiobook sales come in!


Relax, with this package, you will have a completed audiobook and can start earning royalties in about 90 days.


BONUS: As a bonus, we include our Rocket Fueled Audiobook Marketing plan (a $997 value), which includes:


- Watch your audiobook get announced with 40+ postings on Facebook pages, Instagram and Pinterest.  

- Plus, your book will be advertised on our proprietary website - on both our Listener page and our New Releases pages.  

- Plus, we'll do a blog interview with you - and your narrator if they wish to participate - and post it on our site!  You can check out some of the others on our website at www.imhearingstories.com/blog.

- As a Bonus, we will direct email out a promotion to our exclusive listener's list.  

- As a Second Bonus (perhaps of even greater value) if you have Audible codes, we will announce it to our proprietary enclave of Preferred Reviewers and we guarantee a minimum of one review for every 2 codes you provide.  

specialized marketing strategies, including “Cross-Marketing” Strategies for your Book and Audiobook!  These strategies are targeted at your new listener audience through their channels, to get sales moving for your audiobook!


Let us handle it for you.  You've got better things to do.  


Audiobook Creation​

Just Do It For Me


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