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Narrator's Workshop - Creating Audiobooks

 How to Get Started as an Audiobook Narrator

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Turn Tales into Treasures!



Have you ever wondered who the voices were behind audiobooks?  Have you thought to yourself: I'd like to try that!


As audiobook narrators and producers, we can show you the process from finding a book to producing it and getting it available for sale on places like Amazon, iTunes and Audible. 


Can you imagine your voice bring a book to life?  People who are listeners, who want the story to come to them while they workout, or commute or make their family dinner......People with busy hands, but open minds who want to hear this book!


Exciting prospect, right?


At,  we connect narrators and authors, to produce and market audiobooks, and connect audiobook listeners with new releases.


We offer an interactive, hands-on workshop.    We walk you through the process step by step to get you started.  And if you follow the process, then just like others we have worked with, you can get a studio set up, and start auditioning for books within 72 hours.  And your voice can be live on iTunes, Amazon and Audible in as little as 6 weeks after.   


We'll talk about:

  • What it takes to be an audiobook narrator

  • Setting up your studio

  • How to find books to narrate

  • Auditioning for books

  • How do I get paid?

  • Editing and Mastering Overview

  • How do you make it available to listeners where audiobook listeners buy their audiobooks?  

  • And what are the marketing techniques for this whole new market!


BONUS!!  Each participant will have a chance to have their voice recorded on professional equipment, and evaluated by our instructors, who are published audiobook producers.


What they're Saying...

"Take this class if you are serious about making audiobooks." - Nelson C

"Kimberly and Drew are so fun to listen to and learn from.  They work together really well and make the class fun.  They share their experience and knowledge.  I learned a lot!"  David S

"Just Do It!  I had so much fun!"  Jessica R