Interview with an Author: Abigail Gazda

Author Abigail Gazda

Abigail Gazda just completed Giving Up Giving Up. This audiobook was self-narrated. It is available on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.

Hi Abigail,

Thank you so much for connecting with us today! We are excited to learn more about the woman behind this book!

First, some particulars:

Your Name:

Abigail Gazda

Title of the Book You Just Narrated For Us:

Giving Up Giving Up: The Memoir of a Quitter

What City do you live in?

Scottsdale, AZ

IHS: What were you most worried about when starting out with this audiobook process? Did the worry happen or was it unjustified?

Abigail: My original worry was the complexity of the process! I was intimidated by the idea of doing it on my own. Enlisting the support of a recorder, producer, and publicists eliminated that worry!

IHS: And, as a follow up, was there anything that you probably ACTUALLY should have been worried about instead?

Abigail: No, worry steals joy ;)

IHS: What was your favorite part about listening to this book come to life?

Abigail: The Friday night you let me know it was live. I was jumping on a plane to Chicago! I got it RIGHT on time for take off. I started it up and wheels went up. My heart was soaring. I cried at the sound of my own voice reading my own book that I downloaded on Audible! I also cried about the book being in my audible library next to my previous downloaded books written by personal heroes. I became one of my own heroes that night :)

IHS: Whether fiction or non fiction, books are inspired work from authors. What was your muse for this book?

Abigail: Sharing transformation and self love. Sharing what is possible when we give up what holds us back and grab onto our power.

IHS: Is your primary business writing? If so, what do you do for fun? If not, what do you do “in real life”?

Abigail: I took a "job" here in AZ to fund projects and chase dreams. I am currently focused on being well known as an author, keynote speaker, and life coach. What I do for fun is roller blade! I also love ANYTHING adventure! I love discovery and exploration. I also highly value quality time with quality people.

IHS: Many authors are not audiobook listeners by nature. Are you? Have you ever listened to an audiobook before your own?

Abigail: OH YES! I LOVE AUDIOBOOKS! For the pace I move at, reading is a challenge. Audiobooks keep me learning and growing and I get to keep moving and shaking!

IHS: What was it like to hear your book suddenly get a voice?

Abigail: Reading my book what seriously, outer body level experience! As I read, I imagined the listeners getting this message. I imagined who I would inspire and how I would inspire them. I was so proud to get to add my flavor and enthusiasm to the words. I write like I talk so to read how I write was perfection. Also, reading the book reminded me of my own breakthroughs! It was actually a great refresher!

IHS: Assuming everything you want from this book and audiobook comes true, what do you see as the greatest result for you? What is your dream for your future that can come directly from this book and audiobook?

Abigail: I'd be an International Best Seller. Millions sold. Household name. Sought out speaker and guest. I want this book and audiobook to blow up and I want to generate my identity as a professional through it. It is my most authentic self, joy, and work.

IHS: Let’s talk reviews. Do you read your reviews and listener comments? What do you most like to see in the comments?

Abigail: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I am so glad this question is in the interview! The validation that I am receiving through the reviews is keeping me alive and thriving. It brings me such joy to confirm that my intention of the book is being executed and it is apparent in the reviews. I am totally loving the experience.

IHS: Once a book is finished, then the work of marketing begins. What do you do to spread the word about a new release?

Abigail: I talk....A LOT! Word of mouth and sharing is my favorite. I have it up on my website and I also use social media, primarily facebook, instagram, and snapchat.

IHS: What advice would you give those who are thinking about becoming an author?

Abigail: Do it! Just do it! If it is your dream and you've got something to say, do it. -I have a lot of tips and tricks to be efficient and productive as well but my main point is that I know waaaayyyyy too many people who "have been writing a book for 5 years" or "always meaning to and never have" or "have half-written books saved" on their, what!?!?! WHY!?!?! DO IT!

IHS: Finally, what advice would you give authors who are thinking about doing an audiobook?

Audio book is where its at. Published Author is an amazing elite achievement. Audiobook feels astronomical. Also, it is 2018, you are losing 50% (if not more) of potential readers in this day and age. Millennials are listening more than they are reading. Seriously, this phase is just magical.

Share with us the Top 10 Craziest Accomplishments You’ve Made….

1) College Basketball Player

2) Only girl on the guys golf team in high school!

3) Senior of the Year at St Joseph's College 2011

4) Achieved my teaching dream in every detail from the subject to the actual school. I declared it in 9th grade. I am very proud of this power and clarity.

5) Moved to California!!!!!!!!

6) Became a published author with an audiobook!

7) Self generated a book tour!

8) Started a business and went full-time entrepreneur! AH!

9) I have impacted lives in insane ways. I am causing love and joy to spread

10) I have spoken as a motivational speaker at two schools (many more to come)

That's awesome! Okay, Abigail: Share with us your Social Media links so our followers so can find out more about you: FB: Abigail Gazda (Public Figure) and Growing Gratitude Instagram: @_instagail_ Snapchat @snapigail LinkedIn: Abigail Gazda YouTube: Abigail Gazda

And your Author Bio?

Liver of life and lover of love, Abigail Gazda has transformed her passion for education into a full-time career. As a life coach, author, and motivational speaker, she empowers clients and hosts group events around the country. Abigail loves to share her breakthroughs in her writing as evidence of what is available to anyone with a commitment to their fullest life. With a kind smile and full heart, Gazda loves to love and support others in cultivating their own self-love. As described in her book, Giving Up Giving Up: The Memoir of a Quitter, she is on a ‘save the world’ mission to unleash the hearts of this world to create a positive impact of connection, authenticity, and passion. She lives to adventure this world spreading love, kindness, and joy.

Perfect! Thanks for your time today, Abigail!

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