Interview with a Listener: Ashley Hedden

Listener Ashley Hedden

Ashley Hedden just listened to three audiobooks back-to-back for us! The first two books in the Divine Series by Suz Korb, and The third is Giving Up Giving Up, Memoir of a Quitter which was self-narrated by Abigail Gazda.

All three are available now on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.

Hi Ashely!

Thank you so much for connecting with us today! We are excited to learn more about you as an audiobook listener, as well as your impressions of this audiobook!

First, some particulars:

Your Name: Ashley Hedden

Title of the Book You Just Listened To:

I actually just listened to three books that you guys did! Death by Chocolate by Suz Korb, narrated by Kate Tyler, Dating a God by Suz Korb, narrated by Kate Tyler, and Giving Up Giving Up by Abigail Gazda.

In What City do you live?

Wappingers Falls, NY

IHS: Can you give us a ballpark to know how “avid” an audiobook listener you are:  How many audiobooks have you listened to in the past 12 months?

Ashley: I have listened to over 500 books on audible!

IHS: That's a lot! Cool! What was your favorite part about this particular audiobook?

Ashley: These were three books that were great for different reasons. Suz Korb's books were great quick reads that keep you enthralled from the beginning. Abigail's book was a great memoir for anyone who is likely to give up things.

IHS: Okay, How did you get into listening to audiobooks? Were you a reader first?

Ashley: I definitely got into listening to audiobooks by reading first. I joined some facebook groups and an author was giving away an audiobook code. I wasn't sure at first if I was going to like it but I did from the first listen!

IHS: Out of curiosity, when do you listen to audiobooks? That is, what are you usually doing when you are listening to audiobooks?

Ashley: I listen to audiobooks all the time. Mostly when I am driving but sometimes at home or when I am doing some work.

IHS: Listeners, like book readers, often have their favorite niche or genre, and things they don’t like to get into. What kinds of books do love, and which do you stay away from?

Ashley: I have found that I tend to enjoy most genres although I prefer romance. I listen to some sci-fi but I have found that there are some that I don't enjoy.

IHS: Any funny stories about something that happened while you were in “another world” while listening-away?

Ashley: I have totally ignored all of my surroundings when listening! I've walked into things many times!

IHS: Do you ever follow a narrator? If you like their voice, will you go out of your way to pick up another book by the same narrator? Any particular narrators you really like?

Ashley: Sure, there are several narrators that I love to listen to and will listen to any of their work. For example: Kai Kennicott, Wen Ross, Charley Ongel and Tor Tom.

IHS: What will make or break an audiobook for you?

Ashley: Something that will make or break an audiobook for me is their being very little plot or if it is very hard to follow.

IHS: What should new listeners look for before deciding to purchase an audiobook?

Ashley: I tend to look at a few things before getting an audiobook. I look at who the narrators are and the summary. I always look to see if it is a story that I can get myself lost in.

IHS: According to Audible, only about 1 in 20 books are in audiobook format. If a book is not in audiobook format, will you buy it?

Ashley: I do still read books that aren't in audible. I read some Advance Review Copies and "beta read" for some authors and have found some other great books in other formats.

IHS: What do you say to people who don't "get" audiobooks?

Ashley: I have only encountered someone who says she thinks audiobooks would be hard to follow. I told her that I thought the same thing but have never found a book that I couldn't follow.

IHS: Finally, what advice would you give to an author who is considering doing an audiobook?

Ashley: Well, my suggestion would be to find some really great narrators. In my opinion a narrator can make or break a book in audible!

Okay, now. We'd like to know your Top 10 Things You're Doing When You're Not Listening to Audiobooks:

1. Listen to music

2. Spend time with my husband and dog

3. Spend time with my family

4. Play with my nephew

5. Write- I have finished my first book and hoping to self publish soon

6. Read books in other formats

7. Cooking- I love to cook

8. Color

9. Go to flea markets

10. Do more writing

That's awesome! Okay, Ashley. Thank you so much for your time today.

Okay folks: Here's a challenge: See if you can can catch Ashley at 500 audiobook listens! Enjoy!


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