Interview with a Listener: Craig Griffin

Listener Craig Griffin
Listener Craig Griffin

Craig Griffin just finished listening to Hot Flashes/Cold Cases by Sue Hawley. It is available now on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.

Hi Craig,

Thank you so much for connecting with us today! We are excited to learn more about you as an audiobook listener, as well as your impressions of this audiobook!

First, some particulars:

Your Name:

Craig Griffin

Title of the Book You Just Listened and Reviewed For Us:

Hot Flashes/Cold Cases by Sue Hawley

What City do you live in?

Grafton, New South Wales, Australia

IHS: Tell us about the audiobook that you just listened to for us. And, what was your favorite part of this audiobook?

Craig Griffin: Hot Flashes, Cold Cases by Sue Hawley - This was a very easy book to listen to. The storyline flows well and the narration is very well done. The premise of the tale is a refreshing change to the normal detective/ crime solving stories.

The idea that people who have passed away help the heroine Peg solve the mystery is a very good twist. I recommend listening to this book if you are a light mystery story fan. I am looking forward to listening to more of Peg’s adventures.

IHS: Give us a ballpark to know how “avid” an audiobook listener you are: How many audiobooks have you listened to in the past 12 months?

Craig: At least 30.

IHS: How did you get into listening to audiobooks? Were you a reader first?

Craig: I have been an avid reader since childhood

IHS: What are you usually doing when you are listening to audiobooks? Working out? Driving? Chores? Or something else? Or everything?

Craig: Walking, going to sleep at night, doing household chores.

IHS: Listeners, like book readers, often have their favorite niche or genre, and things they don’t like to get into. What kinds of books do love, and which do you stay away from?

Craig: I love horror, mysteries, detective genres. Stay clear of romance.

IHS: Do you ever follow a narrator? If you like their voice, will you go out of your way to pick up another book by the same narrator? Any particular narrators you really like?

Craig: Frank Muller who narrates a few of Stephen King's stories/novels.

IHS: What will make or break an audiobook for you?

Craig: The narrator.

IHS: What should new listeners look for before deciding to purchase an audiobook? The star rating? The detailed reviews? The summary?

Craig: The reviews.

IHS: Are there any audiobook “haters” in your friends or family? People who think listening to audiobooks is “not really reading”? What do you say to them?

Craig: Not anymore, they have been converted all the way.

IHS: According to Audible, only about 1 in 20 books is in audiobook format. If a book is not in audiobook format, will you buy it? How many actual books did you buy and read last year?

Craig: Audio is my preferred format, if a book is not available in audio I think to myself “I’ll wait and see if it becomes available”, if not then I don’t buy it. I have not purchased a paper or eBook for years.

IHS: Finally, what advice would you give to an author who is considering doing an audiobook?

Craig: Please, please, please ensure that the narrator can pronunciate words correctly. My pet hate is instead of “ask” some people say “arks”

That is a good advice, indeed! Okay, now. We'd like to know the Top 10 Best Audiobooks You’ve Listened To in the Last Year.

1. The Cuckoo’s Calling – Robert Galbraithe

2. The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins

3. Doctor Sleep – Stephen King

4. Mr. Mercedes – Stephen King

5. Hot Flashes/Cold Cases – Sue Hawley

6. The Outsider – Stephen King

7. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larson

8. No Country for Old Men – Cormac McCarthy

9. Silent Voices – Ann Cleeves

10. The Casual Vacancy – J.K. Rowling

That's awesome, Craig. Thank you so much for your time today. Happy Listening!

Folks, that's a wrap!



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