Interview with a Narrator: David Edes

Narrator David Edes

David Edes recently completed My Name is Prosperity:  A Law of Attraction Story, by Author Tim C Star. It is available now on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.

Hi David,

Thank you so much for connecting with us today! We are excited to learn more about the voice behind this book!

First, some particulars:

Your Name:

David Edes.

Title of the Book You Just Narrated For Us:

My Name is Prosperity: A Law of Attraction Story by Author Tim C Star.

What City do you live in?

San Pablo, California

IHS: What was your favorite part about narrating this particular book?

David: Narrating the dialogue in the conversations between the characters. That was really enjoyable.

IHS: How did you get into narrating audiobooks? Did you fall into it or was it planned?

David: I got some training with a vocal coach and was introduced to ACX through the training program.  I’ve done a number of live narrations throughout my life for school and community events, and I was excited to begin doing audiobook narrations.

IHS: Do you have a theater background? Is it something you think is necessary to be a success as a narrator?

David: I was in a couple of musicals as a child, ‘The Sound of Music’, and ‘The King and I’.  In college, I took an acting class and was in a couple of comedy productions.  I don’t think theater experience is absolutely required, but I believe there are two major benefits you get from theater that will add to your success as a voice actor:  Acting on a stage in front of an audience helps you learn to become the character you’re portraying, and to be believable. It’s essential if you’re going to be successful in theater.  And secondly, you must learn to take direction well and be willing to change the way you deliver a line or express your character’s personality.  As a voice actor, both of those elements contribute greatly to a successful voice over career.

IHS: Were you an audiobook listener before you started narrating?

David: I only started listening to audiobooks recently when we introduced them to our two boys.  We’ve listened to several wonderful stories together and have enjoyed listening immensely.

IHS: Narrators seem to each have their favorite niche or genre, and things they don’t like to get into. What kinds of books do you stay away from?

David: I will not do any erotica, or stories heavy into witchcraft or the occult.

IHS: Has anyone ever recognized you as a narrator from your voice?

David: I haven’t been doing this long enough for that to happen.

IHS: Learning to narrate audiobooks can sometimes feel like going through the school of hard knocks. What was a the most unexpected lesson you got in your early narrating career?

David: The quality and consistency of the audio editing is critical to the final narration product.  Learning the skill of editing and mastering was essential to my success.  I didn’t expect the audio requirements to be quite as stringent as they are; but I’m glad the standards are so high, as no listener wants to put up with audio that’s too loud, too soft, or has too much noise in it.

IHS: Let’s talk reviews. Do you read your reviews and listener comments?

David: Yes, I do read those.  I appreciate reviewers’ comments, both positive and negative.  I believe I need constructive criticism to help me continually improve and grow in my craft.  There are things that people may hear that I have totally missed in my delivery, and I need to know about them in order to strengthen my weaknesses.

IHS: Do you research an author and book before taking on a project? If so, what do you most want to see?

David: I do some research before I take on a new project.  I’m mainly looking for a positive reputation for the author.  I need to see that people have enjoyed and appreciated the author’s previous work.  I’m also looking for good writing; I don’t want a project in which I will need to do a lot of editing before I can voice the narration.

IHS: Once a book is finished, then the work of marketing begins. What do you do to spread the word about a new audiobook release?

David: Of course, I will publish the cover art and link an audio sample on my social media pages.  I will also send out Promo Codes to prospective reviewers.

IHS: Any audiobook haters in your friends or family? People who are avid “page-turners” or those who think listening to audiobooks is not really reading? What do you say to them?

David: No haters, really, but not many who enjoy audiobooks.  For the page-turners out there, think about what you could be doing while you’re listening to a good audiobook.  You can relax in your easy chair with your hands free, listen while you’re driving, or when you’re working in the kitchen.  It’s very much like the old radio programs people listened to before television.  Before TV, we had to use our imaginations as the voices told the story and described the scene.  What you imagine as you listen becomes your own personal picture of the setting and the action.  Hearing the words, more so than just reading, greatly enhances your sensory experience of the story.

IHS: What were you most worried about when starting out as a narrator? Did the worry happen or was it unjustified?

David: What worried me most was whether or not I was able to make each character sound believable.  Could the listener get past my tone and delivery and hear each unique character coming through?  As I read the reviews, I found that nobody was saying anything negative about my acting performance.  But it is something I need to continually work at.

IHS: And, as a follow-up, was there anything that you should have been worried about instead?

David: …making sure that each character’s sound is consistent in the book from beginning to end.

IHS: So now, what advice would you give those who are thinking about becoming a narrator?

David: If you’re able, take an acting class, if you’ve never done that.  Get a part in a local theater production, if you have the time.   Get a favorite book off the shelf and record yourself narrating it.  Then listen to yourself.   When you record, tell the story as if you’re speaking to just one person. Make sure you have a quiet place to record, and a good quality microphone.

IHS: Finally, what advice would you give authors who are thinking about doing an audiobook?

David: Go for it!  Work with I’m Hearing Stories!  Get as many auditions from potential narrators as you can and be picky about the one you select.  A narration can make or break the success of your marketing when the book is released.

Okay, now. We'd like to know your Top 10 Reasons to Be an Audiobook Narrator (or NOT).  And in 10 words or less, Why?

10.  You’re looking to get paid to do something fun.

  9.  People have told you that you have a ‘nice’ voice.

  8.  You love telling stories to your friends and families.

  7.  You read well and have good pronunciation.

  6.  You have some experience as an actor.

  5.  You enjoy speaking to an audience.

  4.  You love listening to good audio books yourself.

  3.  You’d like to make some extra cash.

  2.  You love speaking in character voices.

  1.  You think you’re the next Scott Brick!

IHS: And your Narrator Bio?

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, with my wife and two sons. Over the past 5 years, I have produced more than 60 training videos for my technology client in the vending industry. I am experienced in radio broadcasting and theater drama productions. I specialize in commercials, narrations, technical training videos, and audio books. My voice can be described as deep, smooth, fatherly, and kind, with an authoritative, story-teller vocal style.

IHS: Thank you! And how can our followers learn more about you?

Website    -

Facebook -

Instagram -

Twitter      -

LinkedIn   -

IHS: Perfect! Thank you so much for your time today, David!

Folks, we give you: David Edes, an amazing storyteller - and so easy to listen to!



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