Interview with an Author: Becky Andrews

IHS: Welcome, Becky! We are excited to have you here with us. Thank you and would you please tell our followers who you are, what city you're from?

Becky: Becky Andrews from Bountiful, Utah.

IHS: That's great!  What is the title of the book you just completed with us?

Becky: Look Up, Move Forward

IHS: What an inspiring title! What was your favorite part about bringing this book to audiobook life?

Becky: The journey of finding a narrator that I connected with and that felt a passion for my story was special and rewarding!  

IHS: Whether fiction or non-fiction, books are truly inspired work from authors.  What was your inspiration for this book?

Becky:  To give others hope and tools to Look Up, Move Forward.  I wanted to share so that others knew they weren’t alone.  

IHS: Great answer! Is your primary business writing?  If so, what do you do for fun?  If not, what do you do “in real life”?

Becky: My primary business is as a therapist at Resilient Solutions, Inc.  Secondary is giving back with retreats for women who are blind/low vision. We are expanding this to encompas retreats for all women.  For fun I love to travel, tandem bike with my husband, run, hike, lunch and shopping with friends.

IHS: Shopping! Yes! Okay, next question. Many authors are not audiobook listeners by nature.  Are you?  Have you ever listened to an audiobook before your own?

Becky: Yes!  As a blind woman I absolutely love to listen to audio books.  

IHS: Thank goodness for audiobooks! Okay, when you were listening to your narrator auditions, what was it like to hear your book get voiced by different people?

Becky: It was interesting and helped me narrow down what I hoped for in the reader.  I wanted them to be able to convey and be passionate about sharing my story.  

IHS: Cool! What were you most worried about when starting out with this audiobook process?  Did the worry happen or was it unjustified?

Becky: The process was a learning journey.  I learned one step at a time.  As I do in many of life’s journeys.  

IHS: And in hindsight, was there anything that you probably ACTUALLY should have been worried about instead?

Becky: No. Nothing really.

IHS: Okay, let’s talk reviews.  Do you read your reviews and will you read your listener comments?  What do you most like to see in the comments?

Becky: After reading a couple hurtful reviews, I have chosen not to read my reviews.  I appreciate when someone reaches out to me and lets me know how my book has helped them.  

IHS: Once a book is finished, then the work of marketing begins.  What do you do to spread the word about a new release?

Becky: I have only written one book with another one that I am working on.  I share on my Facebook - Instagram - and mainly through speaking engagements and book clubs as well as others sharing.  

IHS: Facebook and Instagram are indeed great platforms for promotions. Moving forward, what advice would you give those who are thinking about becoming an author?

Becky: Do it!  We each have a story to share.  Write authentically and know that it will most likely take much longer than you anticipate!  

IHS: That's so true! So, what advice would you give authors who are thinking about doing an audiobook from their published book?

Becky: I think it is an important source to have your book available. Having it available in audio format means it can reach audiences who can not read for any reason.

IHS: Perfect! So, for you, what was the best part for you about working with I’m Hearing Stories.  Would you recommend I’m Hearing Stories to other authors thinking about creating an audiobook?

Becky: Certainly - she was wonderful to work with.

IHS: Thank you so much for your input!  We’d love to get some more insights on your Top Ten list.

Best Books Becky Has Read In the Last Year:

Currently reading Educated.  

Loved Michelle Obama's book Becoming

Jill Biden's book The Light Within (think that’s what its called)  

The power of Moments

The Body Keeps the Score

Ask Outrageously Man’s Search for Meaning

Option B

I love authentic memoirs; books that make me think and improve on my life

Becky's Craziest Accomplishments:

Love of my family

2011 Wasatch Woman of the Year

2013 National Mother of Achievement

Boston Marathon 2015, 2018

Successful Business - Resilient Solutions

Daring to Own Your Story Retreats

Each experience caused me to stretch, to be brave and to show up in a meaningful way

IHS: Thank you! That's very inspiring!! So, how can our followers learn more about you?


Facebook: Becky Andrews, Resilient Vision

Instagram:  becky__andrews

Thanks Becky!!

Author Bio:

Becky Andrews, LCMHC, Author, Marathon Runner, Business owner (Resilient Solutions), founder of nonprofit (Oasis Center for Hope), guide dog user (currently third guide dog, Georgie), loves to hike, run, tandem ride.  Celebrating 35 years marriage - have two children - Natalie and Kendall.  Diagnosed with an eye condition  Retinitis Pigmentosa at age 18 - have been losing my eyesight — gaining my vision since!  

Okay, folks, there you have it! Becky Andrews, author of Look Up, Move Forward.

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