Interview with an Author: Erin Mackey

Author Erin Mackey

Erin Mackey is the author of Laurel Hill, New Beginnings. It is available now on iTunes, Amazon and Audible.

Hi Erin,

Thank you so much for connecting with us today! We are excited to learn more about you as an author, and the story behind this book!

First, some particulars:

Your Name:

Erin Mackey

Title of the Audiobook We Just Produced:

Laurel Hill, New Beginnings Book 1

What City do you live in?

Martinsburg, WV

IHS: What were you most worried about when starting out with this audiobook process? Did the worry happen or was it unjustified?

Erin: I think just "the unknown" since I had never created an audiobook before. It was completely unjustified.

IHS: And, as a follow up, was there anything that you probably ACTUALLY should have been worried about instead?

Erin: No, nothing I should have worried about.

IHS: What was your favorite part about listening to this book come to life?

Erin: Hearing the book being narrated made it come to life in a way that was amazing!

IHS: Whether fiction or non fiction, books are inspired work from authors. What was your muse for this book?

Erin: I used the small town that I grew up in as inspiration for Laurel Hill. Some of my childhood is also reflected in the story.

IHS: Is your primary business writing? If so, what do you do for fun? If not, what do you do “in real life”?

Erin: No, writing is my “second full-time job”. My primary job is a Systems Analyst for Wells Fargo.

IHS: Many authors are not audiobook listeners by nature. Are you? Have you ever listened to an audiobook before your own?

Erin: I have listened to audiobooks in the past but do not do it regularly.

IHS: When you were listening to your narrator auditions, what was it like to hear your book suddenly get a voice?

Erin: Amazing! It really brought the characters to life as if they had lives and minds of their own.

IHS: Assuming everything you want from this book and audiobook comes true, what do you see as the big dream result?