Interview with an Author: Michelle Ann Hollstein

Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Author Michelle Ann Hollstein

Michelle Ann Hollstein is the author of Fatal Reaction, a Zombie Apocalypse sci-fi novel as well as a the Aggie Underhill cozy mystery series. Michelle has had four books turned into audiobooks with I'm Hearing Stories. They are available now on iTunes, Amazon and Audible!

Hi Michelle,

Thank you so much for connecting with us today. We are excited to learn more about you as an author, and the story behind this book!

Your Name: Michelle Ann Hollstein

Title of the Book you just produced with us:

Mystery of the Beautiful Old Friend, End of the Rainbow, and Fatal Reaction.

What City do you live in?

San Diego, CA - USA

Will you share with us your Author Bio?

Michelle Ann Hollstein resides in Southern California with her two wonderful children and her two spoiled kitties. She's the author of the quirky and comical Aggie Underhill Mysteries, the Vienna Rossi Paranormal Mysteries, the nonfiction series, Who Says You Can't Paint?, and written under the name M.A. Hollstein the new horror/suspense series with a sci-fi twist, Fatal Reaction. Michelle has a BA Degree in Art Studio with a concentration in painting from the California State University of Sacramento and enjoys partaking in creative projects.

IHS: What was your favorite part about listening to this book come to life?

Michelle: I loved listening to the narrator act out the dialog. Hearing the expression in the voices of my characters is such an amazing experience.

IHS: Is your primary business writing?  If so, what do you do for fun? If not, what do you do “in real life”?

Michelle: In real life, I'm a single mom and also work as a Safety Analyst for an online company. I do my best to keep our members safe while using the website. I'm also studying Real Estate in my spare time. For fun, I enjoy writing, painting, going to the beach, and spending time with my children.

IHS: Many authors are not audiobook listeners by nature. Are you? Have you ever listened to an audiobook before your own?

Michelle: Yes! Several years back, whenever I had to drive long distance with the children, I'd borrow audiobooks from the library. We'd have so much fun listening to them!

IHS: When you were listening to your narrator auditions, what was it like to hear your book suddenly get a voice?

Michelle: Oh my goodness! I absolutely loved listening to the auditions. I kept thinking, "Wow! I wrote that!"

IHS: What is your dream for your future that can come from this book and audiobook?

Michelle: My dream is to write full-time and turn writing into a career. I also hope that my listeners and readers enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them. If I can make at least one person smile, and forget the stresses of life for the moment, I'm a happy girl. For me, each story is a fun escape from reality.

IHS: Finally, what advice would you give authors who are thinking about doing an audiobook?

Michelle: Keep an open mind and audition both male and female narrators.

IHS: What advice would you give those who are thinking about becoming an author?

Michelle: Write what you'd enjoy reading and have fun.

IHS: Thank you so much for sharing with us more about who you are!  Now, share with us your Top 10.....

Top 10 Reasons Authors Are Awesome. 

There are a million reasons as to why authors are awesome, but I'll narrow it down to 10.

1. Authors have great imaginations.

2. You'll never be bored hanging out with an author.

3. Authors love to entertain and tantalize your brain.

4. If you need help with a definition, ask an author.

5. Authors are fun! I swear, it's true!

6. Authors have a witty sense of humor.

7. Authors can write their friends, famly members, and even arch nemesis into their stories.

8. Authors are creators of worlds.

9. Authors make great conversationalists.

10. Authors can give life to dreams.

IHS: That's awesome! Okay, Michelle. Thank you so much for your time today! Before we let you go, can you tell us where people can find out more about you?

Website -

Facebook -

Instagram -

Twitter -

YouTube -

LinkedIn -

And there you have it!

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