Interview with an Author: Sue Hawley

Author Aaron Zook
Author Sue Hawley

IHS: Welcome, Sue! Thank you for being with us today. I’m really excited to have you here! What is the title of the book you just completed with us?

Sue: Hot Flashes/Cold Cases

IHS: Wonderful and intriguing title! What was your favorite part about bringing this book to audiobook life?

Sue: Hearing Peg come to life was fascinating.

IHS: Glad to hear! Now, switching gears, whether fiction or non-fiction, books are truly inspired work from authors.  What was your inspiration for this book?

Sue: The need to laugh (and hopefully other woman also) while surviving menopause was the catalyst to writing this series. 

IHS: That's so cool! Is your primary business writing?  If so, what do you do for fun?  If not, what do you do “in real life”?

Sue: Writing is my main focus after years of raising a large family. I read (and reread) my favorites).

IH: Many authors are not audiobook listeners by nature.  Are you?  Have you ever listened to an audiobook before your own?

Sue: Traveling with 5 kids is challenging but audio books kept them entertained and quiet.

IHS: When you were listening to your narrator auditions, what was it like to hear your book get voiced by different people?

Sue: Hearing how different people interpret the characters was interesting.

IHS: What were you most worried about when starting out with this audiobook process?  Did the worry happen or was it unjustified?

Sue: The only thing I worried about was whether we would find the right voice. We did. Brandolin did a fantastic job.

IHS: Thank you! Was there anything that you probably ACTUALLY should have been worried about instead?

Sue: At this point, I don't think there was anything I should have worried about.

IHS: Interesting! Okay, let’s talk reviews.  Do you read your reviews and will you read your listener comments?  What do you most like to see in the comments?

Sue: I read every review. Of course I like to see the reader has enjoyed the books, but I truly love it when they mention their favorite characters.

IHS: Okay, once a book is finished, then the work of marketing begins.  What do you do to spread the word about a new release?