Interview with an Author: Susanne Bellefeuille

Author Susanne Bellefeuille
Author Susanne Bellefeuille

IHS: Welcome, Susanne. Thank you for being with us today. I’m really excited to have you here! Would you please tell our followers who you are, what city you're from?

Susanne: I am Susanne. I live in Apple Hill, Ontario, Canada.

IHS: Okay, Great!  What is the title of the book you just completed with us?

Susanne: Path of Lucas: The Journey He Endured

IHS: Interesting title! What was your favorite part about bringing this book to audiobook life?

Susanne: My favorite part of listening to Path of Lucas was how Ben Patrick Johnson made my characters come alive. He did an amazing job especially with the French accents. He has a beautiful and clear voice, which makes for easy listening!

IHS: Glad to hear! Now, whether fiction or non-fiction, books are truly inspired work from authors.  What was your inspiration for this book?

Susanne: My father was my inspiration for this book. He is my hero! He was a man with a genuine heart and incredible strength! When doctors wanted to place my Mother in an institute because she was not recovering from psychotic depression, my dad refused and found a way to bring her back to the family. He was the glue that kept my family together!

IHS: Wow, that's a very inspirational tale of love and perseverance! Switching gears now, is your primary business writing?  If so, what do you do for fun?  If not, what do you do “in real life”?

Susanne: Primarily I work with young adults with special needs and disabilities. It's such a rewarding job to see them succeed and the love they have for life is absolutely incredible. I’m currently working on my second novel and this book will discuss how my Mother coped with depression.

IHS: Many authors are not audiobook listeners by nature.  Are you?  Have you ever listened to an audiobook before your own?

Susanne: Yes, though not lately

IHS: When you were listening to your narrator auditions, what was it like to hear your book get voiced by different people?

Susanne: It was amazing just listening to my characters come alive. All the narrators had great voices but when I heard Ben’s voice I knew he had the perfect voice for my book.

IHS: What were you most worried about when starting out with this audiobook process?  Did the worry happen or was it unjustified?